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Who Gets the "Oscar" at Your Event?

My last post about performing around Tampa Bay as the piano player "Sam" for corporate events reminded me of another successful theme for your next event.

How about "The Academy Awards" for your company?

This can be really easy to put on and fun too. Imitation "Oscars" can be purchased inexpensively. Here's the location of one vendor I found by Googling "imitation Oscar". They were about $10 each.

The next step could involve a little creativity. Instead of "Best Actor" how about "Best Handler of a Catastrophe"? This would be followed by the person coming up on stage to receive the award and perhaps speak a bit about how he handled the time shipping was really late or whatever. He could share a funny story.

Of course you can simply give out awards that your company normally would and skip the jokes. Sometimes that is best as it fits the company image better.

One of the keys to the evening is to have either a solo pianist or band play some classy "Academy Awards" music as your winners come up to receive their awards and as they leave. This mimics the famous broadcasts. I remember one attendee coming up to me after the event to state "I almost cried when I heard the music for the winners." It adds just the right touch.

Everyone should be dressed in evening clothes. If you can afford it, hire a couple "paparazzi" and have a red carpet before entering the event hall. Attendees could be presented with pictures of them arriving and of their acceptance of their "Oscar".

I can tell you as a piano player who has performed for many corporate events and parties in Tampa Bay FL, your staff will love it and remember it for years.

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