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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Weddings are one of the oldest customs that people have been engaging in, dating back thousands of years. As such, over time, many traditions and symbols have become a part of weddings. It is common knowledge that rings are exchanged, vows are said, and cake is distributed, but many people are unaware of the deeper meaning behind these seemingly simple acts.

In our next set of blogs, we want to shed some light on these traditions, you will most likely incorporate into your big event: YOUR VERY OWN WEDDING!


The tradition of wearing a white dress is a relatively modern practice. All around the world the wedding dresses reflect the traditions of their culture, but throughout history brides wore gowns of expensive fabric, which were usually bold in color. In 1840 Queen Victoria of England made a statement by wearing a white silk and lace dress. Her choice transformed the growing popularity for a bride to wear a dress of white, a symbol of virginity and purity, into a tradition that continues till this day.


Originally utilized in arranged marriages, the veil was used to conceal the bride’s identity until the moment she met her groom at the altar, to ensure the groom wouldn’t back out before the wedding. Now, veils are used as a style piece for brides to personalize their bridal look.


Walking down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers dates back to the time of ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed carrying fragrant herbs and spices on your wedding day kept bad luck at bay. The flowers were used to symbolize a new beginning and a hope of fertility, happiness, and fidelity. Brides still carry on this tradition today, as flowers are a key part of the bridal look. Wedding flowers are often sentimental and many brides opt to preserve their wedding flowers.

As yet another tradition, whenever humans come together for any reason and especially to celebrate, music is always there! No wonder life music is always a vital part of a wedding!

The Harrison Jazz Ensemble, a Jazz band in the greater Tampa Bay area and Roger Harrison, solo piano player and singer, having helped hundreds of couples tie the bond with music, can help you with your music and song choices at your wedding celebration too!

Follow us in our next blog about the roots of our wedding traditions.

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